What is XWIN?

What is XWIN?

Over the past few decades, the betting industry has experienced a serious crisis of confidence due to speculation by stakeholders and an unscrupulous distribution of prize funds. Technology blockade has become a solution to this problem. We present to you XWIN, a crypto bookmaker with maximum automation of processes, allowing you to make safe bets on various sporting events.

Football, hockey, tennis, basketball, auto and motor sports, American football, badminton, baseball, biathlon, boxing, volleyball, handball, darts, rugby, mixed martial arts, snooker, chess – this is not a complete list of competitions available for platform betting XWIN.

What is the reliability of the platform? Bidding, you conclude a smart contract with a system, the terms of which are fulfilled regardless of personal preferences of one or the other party. The distribution of winnings within a decentralized (i.e., not controlled by third parties) XWIN platform is automated and excludes any participation or influence of an individual. Information about games, bets and results on the XWIN platform is stored in the Ethereum blockbuster.

In addition, Ethereum ensures the security of funds on your account and the ability to constantly monitor from anywhere in the world, transparency of transactions and guaranteed payment of winnings.

Artificial Intelligence XWIN

To calculate the coefficients and scan rates, the XWIN platform uses artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence). This ensures accuracy and speed of calculations, the possibility of round-the-clock monitoring, instant reaction to mutable events, autonomy and increasing complexity of mathematical calculation models.
Results and verification

To prevent possible attacks and cheating the system, XWIN CryptoBet transmits information about the results of the competition through trusted addresses. This is the only element of centralization in the system, but this process remains as transparent and easily controlled by all members of the community.
All bets, bets, games, wins, winners and results are recorded in the XWIN smart contract and are checked against several sources of information. Each user can view and verify the reliability of the results through their wallets and web interfaces.

Advantages of investing in XWIN

Due to the obvious advantages of decentralization, it is expected that many bookmaker platforms will soon either move or will start using blockage to ensure optimal payment terms and thereby attract a large audience. At the time of the appearance of a number of new similar projects, XWIN will already have a well-established active user base, and consequently, a number of advantages, including a developed functional of the system and a more favorable commission for transactions. Moreover, participation in the ICO gives investors the opportunity to become co-owners of XWIN and will be exempted from paying additional commissions.
Again, the transparency of operations, the security of your financial asset on the site and the uninterrupted operation of the system provided by the network of blockers is something that no traditional bookmaking site can offer at the moment and is a strong argument in favor of XWIN.

The life of the platform is provided by the commission from financial transactions. Commission XWIN can range from 6% to 20% of the betting rate. These funds are credited to the XWIN smart contract account and are automatically distributed in the following proportion:

• 40% – fund guarantees payments to players;
• 30% – PR, marketing, promotion and advertising;
• 10% – administration and legal support;
• 20% – income distributed among investors.

ICO XWIN CryptoBet began on October 26, 2017 and will last exactly 3 months, until January 26, 2018. The number of coins for open sales is limited and amounts to 80,000,000 XWIN tokens. Another 20 million XWIN token-shares is a blocked share of the founders, which will be available only after 1 year. The reserve of these funds is a pledge of further development of the platform and sustainable growth of the company’s business;

Rewards Program

Bounty Funds Distribution is a fund of 2,400,000 XWIN token shares to reward participants in this program.
1 680 000 tokens are allocated for participants of the marketing and PR-program Bounty Funds Distribution XWIN for activity in such social networks and platforms as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook Bounties, Bitcointalk.org, as well as blockbuster forums and thematic blogs.

A separate category of rewards (720,000 token shares) is provided for developers and technical specialists. That is, if you want and know how to create applications, add-ons, plug-ins, interfaces, additional software packages and other information and technical elements of the system, contact our development manager for further information and discussion of the terms of cooperation.

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