Tokenization of games: the Enjin Coin team raised $ 12 million on the pre-list

The Enjin Coin project, which creates an infrastructure for gamers using the ENJ based on the Ethereum, has successfully closed the presale, collecting $ 12 million (38,000 ETH at the time of the end of fees).

In total, 400 million tokens were sold in the presale and 100 million more were distributed as bonuses to community members. Infrastructure Enjin allows you to create your own sites dedicated to various games, start and configure servers, integrate additional modules into gaming applications and deploy services for communication between gamers, for example – forums, chats, etc. Thus, the user can not just create their own an access point to the game space, but also build around your own community.

“We spent several months gathering feedback and understanding the most important options that gamers really need. That is why, in my opinion, our presale was successful. Now people are already interested in the forthcoming Krausejl in October, which can not but rejoice, “Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin, commented.
At the moment on the platform Enjin posted about 250,000 websites with a total audience of 18.8 million users. It is worth noting that the entire presale was closed with the participation of 4200 contributors.

According to the technical director of Enjin Vitek Radomsky, the team is focused on development in order to integrate the possibility of releasing game currencies on the block system to its users as soon as possible and see how this will affect the platform gaming communities.

At the same time, developers give priority to the integration of game currencies with the popular game Minecraft, because it is on the users servers of this game that there is increased trading activity. Gamers constantly buy unique items and participate in the domestic economy of the game. Minecraft is also noteworthy in that it itself is a platform for creating games and on each server there are unique game items, their landscapes, their scripts and even their game mechanics.

The next round of distribution of Enjin Coins tokens will take place in the form of open crowdsdale, which will be held on October 3. Approximately 300 million ENJ tokens are reserved for crowdsdale. According to the project team, tokens will be available on exchanges, in particular, the exchange site Tidex is mentioned.

It is worth noting that the integration of block into the projects of the gaming industry is becoming a separate trend in the development of the block economy. As a rule, in such cases the block is used to issue game currency or to verify information about game items, players.

One of the first projects that released the game currency over the existing blockbuster was Voxelnauts. True, the team of this project collected money through Kickstarter, and the token was released on the NXT blocker. And already in 2016 and 2017, through kraudseyla could attract money projects such as Beyond the Void and First Blood.

Given the general growth rates of the e-sports market and interest in crypto-currencies from representatives of related industries, it is to be expected that the block economy will absorb more and more projects related to gaming.

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