No company has a right to exist, if it does not solve a certain problem. KICKICO intends to solve the problem of fraudulent ICOs, the number of which grows along with the number of successful ICOs. As usual, if something has a good version, then surely it will be bad.

In his white paper, the KICKICO team writes: “However, this is a new milestone, which is not regulated yet. As a result, there is a large number of fraudulent campaigns, the founders of which have a habit of hiding with the money of investors, in fact fooling the public. The founders of ICO also face problems. The space is now extremely fragmented, there is no full list of ICO, and developers have to create their own landings and advertising campaigns from scratch. Such repetitive actions consume time and resources that could go into product development. ”

The idea of ​​creating a platform on which proven ICO will be launched is interesting, but do not forget that we are dealing with an emerging market whose need for such a platform also only arises. In addition, several platforms already work in this space, such as FundYourSelfNow, Coinlist, Adel. Of all these, only one can become a real leader, setting standards. In addition, any large exchange is ready to provide services in this area at a decent level. For example, BitcoinSuisse was conducted by ICO Tezos.

It is difficult to note any features that would distinguish KICKICO against the background of other similar platforms. They have a good idea. They are located in Russia, and therefore have every opportunity to promote young talent in the country and nearby regions. Maybe they will help develop promising projects. But is it worth giving them money?

The implementation of such a plan requires an outstanding team. Not just good people or experienced workers. They need those who can persuade new companies to launch their ICO on KICKICO or convince existing companies that want to attract additional funding, move away from traditional investment methods and try themselves in crowdfunding.

KICKICO is headed by Anti. A. Danilevsky. Here is what Forbes writes about him: “I was born in 1980 in Leningrad. In 14 years I got a job in a game development company, at the age of 21 I collected an indie game development team. Since 2011, engaged in crowdfinding, the founder of the first campaign “with Russian roots” on KickStarter. ”

In July, he wrote an article for Medium.com: “Anyone can run a crowdaming campaign, offering anything from whistlers to time machines. This does not require professional skills, proof of competence and even the product itself. All you need is a video, pictures, text.

Within crow standfending 1.0, awesome and successful products were launched, such as the Pebble smart watch. However, on such an unregulated platform, charlatans and scrapers inevitably appear. And when the project fails, there is no other way out than to go to court, which is beyond the capabilities of many people due to financial difficulties or the difference of jurisdictions. ”

The KICKICO website mentions that Danilevski is “the founder of the largest crowdsfunding community in Eastern Europe”. However, according to information from Wikipedia, Planeta.ru is the largest croud-hosting site in Russia, and Danilevsky’s name is not mentioned in the article, and the musician Max Lakmus is named the organizer of the project. Nevertheless, Danilevski really owns a large crowdaging group on Facebook.

Among the remaining members of the team there are no stars.

The tokens on the platform have one serious drawback, which you can not pass. KickCoin Tokens are not necessary for investing in projects on the KICKICO platform. In addition, over time, they intend to release much more tokens.

People will receive KickCoin tokens, investing ETH in ICO on the platform. Together with them they will receive their own project tokens. As reported by KICKICO, successful ICO, apparently in some magical way, will provide the cost of KickCoin tokens, which can later be profitable exchange on exchanges.

“The formation of a large number of projects participating in KICKONOMY is the basis for the growth of the value of KC: the more games, services, stores and other companies will use KC, the higher the demand and liquidity. The business model of KICKICO is based on the creation of such projects. However, not only this will positively affect the value of KC. Crypto currency reacts sharply to various events, and we know it. ”

Accordingly, there can be no reason to buy their tokens. It is not known whether KickCoin will become a successful crypto currency, however, the only reasonable offer here is the later investment opportunities that may arise with the development of the platform. Do not take any risks associated with the development of such a platform, because there are no objective reasons for this. The platform does not require the purchase of tokens for investment, and the economic plan contributes to inflation.

Nevertheless, KICKICO should be watched, because in the future, perhaps, the company will be able to create attractive investment opportunities. However, they will have to work hard for this. The platform will charge fees of 4%, so for a successful existence they will have to work hard. In addition, as you know, in the world of crypto-currency, a variety of projects grow very quickly, which can create an environment suitable for their development.

Indeed, such platforms as KICKICO, are necessary in the world of crypto-currencies, but this does not mean that someone will take their risks on themselves. There is no benefit for investors at the ICO stage. A certain application of KickCoin, in addition to rewarding ICO participants on the platform, is not offered. No advertisement or HYIP will give value to something that simply does not.

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