EternalNode is the world’s first decentralized service of collective masternode mining implemented using the Ethereum smartcontent technology and a multi-platform algorithm specially developed by the Eternal team.

The mission of the EternalNode project is to change the established approach to MasterNode-Mining to a new one, reflecting the realities of the modern investment business for the production of crypto assets, taking into account all the stringent requirements for safety and quality of the tools used. When creating a product, we first of all raised the question of what problems exist in mastering-mining today and how we can solve them.



Post masterodn mining is available to everyone due to smart contracts Etherium and multiplatform algorithm EternalNode


Access to the pool for miners will be available as a site and an application for iOS / Android with an intuitive interface



Tracking the statistics of the share ownership of the master in real time


Exchange available currencies to Bitcoin on the current exchange rate directly from the dashboard menu.

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