Dimensions Network trading platform for crypto currency, options and futures

Hybrid trading platform Dimensions Network is an aggregator for more effective and profitable trade in crypto currency, options and futures. Through the use of decentralized blocking for its platform, Dimensions Network developers promise the maximum security and integrity of all operations, as well as the maximum return on investment.

Advantages for token holders and platform users

For investors, the project is also interesting because holders of STC tokens will receive 15% of the commission fees generated in the Ethereum purse of the investor. In addition, token owners will receive an equivalent share of new tokens created in the ecosystem in real time. Exchange Aggregator Developers guarantee the best price of any exchange from all available. You will no longer need to buy at a higher price than anyone else, because you do not have an account on the cheapest exchange.

The Exchange liquidity aggregator (ELA) will allow users to buy and sell at the highest possible price, with the best exchange at the time, using only one of this platform. Thanks to the ELA function, users can trade on other exchanges with the Dimensions Network platform, saving time and effort to register on several exchanges.


The Dimensions Network will support asset locking across multiple chains. In the beginning, there will be support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT for trading in coins, options and futures.

Providing at the first stage support for the 10 best crypto-conversions, and then adding the full range of ERC-20 and other altcoy markers.

Fiat operations – input and output!

This is the main problem in the trade of crypto currency for today. But existing banking licenses will allow Dimensions Network to accept into its ecosystem dollars, Euro and other leading world currencies. So the problem will be solved by itself. There will also be the possibility of free output of the fiat of prmo to your account!

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