Presearch. Description of ICO project


Presearch is an open, decentralized search platform with a system of token rewards for community members for its use, contribution and development. The platform consists of 2 parts: a decentralized search and an ecosystem of tokens.
Decentralized search will be based on the following: a ranking system for content creators, selection of information sources for users, a community voting system to support all interests and display the best content, as well as a system for maintaining and financing projects for developing and improving the platform.


PCT is a key means of exchange within the Presearch system and is used for the following purposes:
-Confirm community members for using, contributing and promoting the platform
-Purchase of sponsorship and advertising placements
– Encouragement of partners who provided traffic and access for Presearch
-voting within the community
-financing the development of projects put forward by the community
Implementing tokens:
5% sold at pre-sale
20% release for early users
30% public sale
30% are allocated for remuneration for the use, contribution and promotion of the platform
15% are retained by developers, marketing and community departments


The main goal is to compete with Google due to the openness of the structure and its decentralization. The working beta is scheduled to be launched by the end of Q3 2017


The development of the project is divided into 3 stages:
Phase 1 (2017-start 2018) – team gathering, tests and presentation of the search tool
1.1 Proof of concept-the basis for using Presearch and the vision for a decentralized, open search kernel
1.2 Organization – debugging the structure, collecting the team, creating the model and transferring the community
1.3 Release of the search tool – interface, token integration, core customization, reward platform, sponsorship platform.
1.4 Improved search tool – improve usability, reliability, bug fixes
1.5. The spread of the search tool – the beginning of partnerships and the introduction of the world.
Phase 2 (2018) – transition to the community model
2.1 Creating a consensus model – involving the community in the transition to decentralization
2.2 Compiling the roadmap core and the team – outlining the main initiatives and employment of the core development team
2.3 Development of DAO – conversion of Presearch to full DAO
Phase 3 (2019) -Fully decentralized search engine
3.1 Community – Needs Analysis and Installation of Freemarks
3.2 Construction – construction, release, review, improvement


The team consists of 10 people, 4 of whom are engineers-developers, 2-researchers in the field of blockade. The founders of the project are simultaneously the founders of the commercial network, but there is no experience with search engines. “In 2011, Colin found himself mired in a battle with Google and realized that the world desperately needs a transparent and open search engine.”