Game Machine launches ICO

Game Machine launches a global open ecosystem for the gaming industry, based on the blockbuster. Its participants can become gamers, game developers, as well as advertisers to develop the industry and improve the quality of game products.

Game Machine forms a loyal gaming audience that generates Gamefuel Crypto currency based on a unique combination of the principles of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Authority. The Gamefuel Crypto currency is a liquid asset, in the interest of which most of the players in the gaming community are interested. Gamefuel can be directly converted into in-game elements, and also has circulation between gamers, developers and advertisers.
GMIT token characteristics
Price of the token 1 GMIT = 0.0004 ETH
The total number of tokens issued is 40,000,000
Number of tokens for sale 1 500 000
Pre-sale Pre-sale
Start date: November 21, 2017
End date is December 5, 2018.
Maximum sales 2 800 ETH
Discount for the period of pre-sale:
The first day is 40% (1 GMIT = 0.00024 ETH);
The second day is 30% (1 GMIT = 0.00028 ETH;
The third day is 25% (1 GMIT = 0.0003 ETH);
The remaining days are 20% (1 GMIT = 0.00032 ETH.
Main sale
Start date: December 14, 2017
End date is January 31, 2018.
Minimum purchase quantity: 25 GMIT (0.01 ETH)
The maximum number of purchases: 7 500 000 GMIT (3 000 ETH)
Maximum sales 40 000 ETH
Bonuses for buying tokens
The first day + 15%;
The second day + 10%;
The third day + 5%.
Distribution of tokens
71.4% – bidders (100,000,000 GMIT);
14.2% – payments to gamers for the initial input of game elements (20,000,000 GMIT);
7.1% are members of the Game Machine team (10,000,000 GMIT);
1.4% – bounty program (2 000 000 GMIT);
1.4% – consultants (2 000 000 GMIT);
4,3% – referral program (6,000,000 GMIT).
How to Earn Gamefuel
The GMIT tokens will be exchanged in a 1: 1 ratio on Gamefuel. You can earn Gamefuel as follows:
Mining. Gamers with a PC can download the application and cannibalize the currency. You can buy game elements for the currency.
Performing tasks for advertisers, such as watching video or downloading applications.
Purchase of tokens on the official website of Game Machine.
Allocation of collected funds
50% – Platform development;
35% – Marketing and PR-costs;
5% – Operating expenses;
5% legal support