LiveEdu projects

What is the purpose of the LiveEdu projects:

– use of a portion of ICO funds as a stimulator of activities for streamers;

– for the organization of premium projects;

– each of the existing projects is covered by LiveEdu content;

– All channels without exception contain live streaming channel, video project, playlist and live chat window;

– each stream is automatically archived in the video;

– content creators can supply their author projects through a stream. This can also be a transmitted record (offline).

For today, we can offer two main and best-selling LiveEdu project:

1. Projects of the premium-textbook.

2. Numbers of premium projects.

Expand your learning capabilities with LiveEdu
Interactive live chat is the basic means of communication between the content author and his user.

What does LiveEdu provide?


1. Any student has the right to ask the question of interest, having received an exhaustive answer to it.

2. You can also suggest improvements to the program.

3. There is an opportunity to communicate with other participants, exchanging experience, questions and wishes.

4. Each of the students, when they open the live broadcast, can see

– a live channel;

– chat window;

– a clear description of the project;

– all downloadable resources;

– A curriculum that will help in learning.

In each schedule there are pre-announced “live” streams.

Do not want to miss the live broadcast? It’s simple. You need to subscribe to the live broadcast by receiving a notification in advance of an email about the exact date and time of the start of the broadcast.

Free token as initial capital

All participants of LiveEdu are given a wallet marker at the registration stage. This is a symbolic amount that is provided as an initial capital in the form of an EDU token replacing Fiat payment. They can pay for the subscription and training services.

Any of the activities of this program costs a certain number of tokens. By the way, anyone who wants to view the audience can buy EDU tokens by paying a minimum starting amount equal to only $ 10.

Where can I use EDU tokens?


– Payment of subscriptions, which will help you not to miss all the fun;

– with their help you can easily download all the necessary files you are interested in;

– use them to send messages or spend money on questions;

– submission of applications for projects and their voting;

– request for custom projects;

– donation.

ICO is an investment process that will, as a result of future crypto currency, be sold for fiat / liquid, familiar to us money. This platform will be launched on October 30th.

The total number of tokens is 100 million. The minimum price of the project is 5 million tokens.

Methods of purchase:

– Bitcoins (MTC);

– Etherium (ETH);

– Euro (€);

– Dollar ($).

The rate for the current period is determined: for 3 EDU tokens – 1 US $.


How is the distribution of funds from the ICO planned?


1. The new staff will be replenished with an experienced manager, manager, engineer, whose work is planned to spend 35% of the budget.

2. Develop a platform, pay for the server, and also integrate the EDU token system and the LiveEdu purse, expand the streaming cluster and improve it, improve applications for Android and iOS devices – 25%.

3. For premium products will take 15%.

4. The overhead will take about 10%.

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