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Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain (VLB)

About the project   Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain (VLB) is a blocking platform for use in the automotive industry, a fully decentralized data register, with complete information on cars, maintenance, insurance, repairs, the VLB internal token will be used, based on the already running Initially, the project will be based on the CarFix network, which in […]

What is XWIN?

What is XWIN? Over the past few decades, the betting industry has experienced a serious crisis of confidence due to speculation by stakeholders and an unscrupulous distribution of prize funds. Technology blockade has become a solution to this problem. We present to you XWIN, a crypto bookmaker with maximum automation of processes, allowing you to […]

Dimensions Network trading platform for crypto currency, options and futures

Hybrid trading platform Dimensions Network is an aggregator for more effective and profitable trade in crypto currency, options and futures. Through the use of decentralized blocking for its platform, Dimensions Network developers promise the maximum security and integrity of all operations, as well as the maximum return on investment. Advantages for token holders and platform […]


EternalNode is the world’s first decentralized service of collective masternode mining implemented using the Ethereum smartcontent technology and a multi-platform algorithm specially developed by the Eternal team. The mission of the EternalNode project is to change the established approach to MasterNode-Mining to a new one, reflecting the realities of the modern investment business for the […]


No company has a right to exist, if it does not solve a certain problem. KICKICO intends to solve the problem of fraudulent ICOs, the number of which grows along with the number of successful ICOs. As usual, if something has a good version, then surely it will be bad. In his white paper, the […]

Enigma Catalyst Platform

About the platform: Enigma Catalyst is an investment platform that allows developers to create, test and execute micro-script funds. Through the project, developers can access the decentralized information exchange protocol and consume valuable crypto data that can be used in their strategies. Catalyst allows developers, customers and experienced traders to easily create, simulate, validate, and […]

Authorship Platform

Authorship is a decentralized platform that is designed to bring together authors, publishers, translators and readers. Through the platform, authors can easily publish their books, publishers can easily find authors who want to publish their books, translators can find popular books and translate them into different languages, and readers can access and buy a variety […]

LiveEdu projects

What is the purpose of the LiveEdu projects: – use of a portion of ICO funds as a stimulator of activities for streamers; – for the organization of premium projects; – each of the existing projects is covered by LiveEdu content; – All channels without exception contain live streaming channel, video project, playlist and live […]